V5N1 June 2012

Washington State Journal of Public Health Practice

Volume 5, Number 1

June 2012

ISSN 1934-6360

Table of Contents

Notes From the Editor’s Desk  
A New Normal

M. Madlem


Research and Theory  
Strengthening Business, Academic and Research Continuity at a
School of Public Health Through Integrated, Multiyear Exercises
R. Bartlein, L. Robertson, M. Oberle, & A. Stergachis


School Wellness Policy Development and Impact:
A Case Study in Washington State Using the Advocacy Coalition
H. M. Grow, D. Johnson, A. Lund, V. Colman, R. Lutz, & A. Lutz 


Using the Diversity Preparedness Toolkit: Partnering
for Improved Communication
S. Sloan 

Research-­–to-­–Practice Transition of a Portable Cholinesterase Monitoring Kit: How Does It Affect the Work of Clinics?
R. J. Treadwell & M. C. Keifer 




© Washington State Journal of Public Health Practice. All rights reserved.

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