Welcome to the 2016 issue of the WSJPHP

Our 2016 issue is now live. This is our final issue before the journal is reborn as a publication of the new Department of Health Sciences at CWU.

The journal will remain dedicated to opening and sustaining a multi-faceted conversation around population and community health-relevant issues and strategies. However, it will now carry added value as a unique venue for the several interrelated disciplines, fields, and practice settings relevant for researchers, practitioners, agencies, organizations, students, and others engaged in the broad but focused realm of the applied health sciences. These include community medicine and primary care; health promotion and education; biomechanics, exercise science and clinical physiology; EMS and community Paramedicine; nutrition and food science; community health advocate/promotora efforts; and public health.

As it always has, the editorial board will encourage professionals and academics in all phases of their careers and development to see the journal as a valuable – and accessible – venue for meaningful scholarly dissemination of their work.

We anticipate that the new journal will go live in late winter or early spring. Look for outreach surrounding it, and opportunities to contribute manuscripts, serve as a reviewer, and/or as an editorial board member to help design and grow the journal for the future!

For now, welcome to this issue, in which we proudly share a grouping of papers emphasizing professional practice, complex and current societal questions, and emerging opportunities for professional preparation.